August 17 - Make a Sock Doll

from The Junior Instructor Book I (pg 155, 156)

These are so easy to make and we always have lonely socks hanging around . . . I also like to use the baby socks my boys wore when they were newborn to make teeny tiny dolls - or babies for the other dolls! My youngest is 7 and I still can't seem to throw away his wee little stockings.

1.  Cut the foot and toe off of the sock and set aside for later (for arms & cap)
2.  Turn the straight part inside out & sew legs  
3.  turn the sock again and stuff with batting.
4.  Tie a string about 2 inches from the top to make a neck.
5.  Stuff a bit more and then sew the top of the head.
6.  Make arms from the foot of the sock 
7.  Stuff the arms and sew them onto the body.
Stitch on a face.  Sew some buttons down the front.  Use the toe of the sock for a cap. You can even use another sock to make a sweater.