August 21 - Ozma's Birthday

"I am crazy;
You're a daisy,
  Ozma dear;
I'm demented;
You're contented,
  Ozma dear; 
I am patched and gay and glary;
You're a sweet and lovely fairy;
May your birthdays all be happy,
  Ozma dear!"

" . . .It seems odd that a fairy should have a birthday, for fairies, they say, were born at the beginning of time and live forever. Yet, on the other hand, it would be a shame to deprive a fairy, who has so many other good things, of the delights of a birthday. So we need not wonder that the fairies keep their birthdays just as other folks do, and consider them occasions for feasting and rejoicing.
Ozma, the beautiful girl Ruler of the Fairyland of Oz, was a real fairy, and so sweet and gentle in caring for her people that she was greatly beloved by them all . . . "
- from The Magic of Oz, chpt 22 by Frank L. Baum

How to Throw Your Own Princess Ozma's Birthday Celebration:
- a long table was set . . . at which were place-cards for the invited guests, and at one end of the great room was a smaller table, not so high, for Ozma's animal friends, whom she never forgot, and at the other end was a big table where all of the birthday gifts were to be arranged'
- door draped with royal green
- green baskets of red roses 
- play sweet and delightful (orchestra) music
- girls - dress of white muslin, w/ a green sash & hair ribbons
- boys - each wearing a long chain of emeralds around his neck
- the splendid costumes . . . made a gorgeous & glittering display that no one present was ever likely to forget

- dishes were of precious metals set with brilliant jewels 
- Each guest had . . . a crystal goblet filled with lacasa, which is a sort of nectar famous in Oz and nicer to drink than soda-water or lemonade
- Drink to the health & happiness of . . . dearly beloved (Ozma)
- Dorothy said eagerly: "Now you must cut the cake, Ozma, 
and each of us will eat a
piece with our ice-cream." 
- use a large golden knife with a jeweled handle 
- a huge cake, all frosted and decorated with candy flowers. Around the edge of the cake was a row of lighted candles, and in the center were raised candy letters that spelled the words:
 - make Magic Flowers: blooming gloriously and the mammoth blossoms that quickly succeeded one another on the plant were beautiful to view and filled the entire room with their delicate fragrance. . . golden flower-pot . . .
- blow huge soap-bubbles, as big as balloons
- Start Reading the Wizard of Oz Collection today 
(if you haven't already). Start *here*
- Watch the Wizard of Oz!