January 3 ~ Paint with Ole' Jack Frost!

You will need:
- heavy drawing paper
- bright watercolors
- thick sponge
- water

1.  Run water over a heavy sheet of drawing paper.
2.  Lay the paper on a board and sponge out any bubbles. Try not to dry the sheet out (keep it shining).
3.  Cover the area with bright beautiful colors!
"While the painting is still shining wet (but not dripping with pools of colour) carry it out into a shady place and lay it directly on the frozen ground.  Then tiptoe away and don't peep while Jack Frost does hiis delicate work. When the paint has dried the picture may be brought in and admired"  
from "All Year Round" by Ann Druitt, Sue Fitzjohn, & Marije Rowling

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