January 25 - Family Game Night

Try and schedule a family game night for once a month (instead of once a week).  That way, you're more likely to follow through.

- Learn more about how your family can make more time to play & how to pick a game everyone can agree on here*
- Make sure to make plenty of snacks and drinks! Try to enforce a no computers, no phone, no t.v. policy to limit distractions. 

Or . . . just PLAY!  Grab a game and go!  If the game seems too "old" for my little guy, we team up.  We've also been known to change the rules drastically to fit the moment.  MANY games can be turned into basic racing games.  We also tend to ignore the boards completely and just read off cards to each other . . . my kids love to do this while I'm making dinner.  "Mad Gab", "Would You Rather", "Are You Smarter than A 5th Grader", and all trivia games can be played without a board. Why no try making your own! 

" . . . Toys for Victorian children were viewed as tools intended to both amuse and instruct our 'rising generation.'  Board games, in particular, were recommended as 'healthful, home~circle pursuits' because they imparted gentle moral instruction and often religious training under the guise of diversion. 
from Mrs. Sharp's Traditions
. . . Mrs. Sharp is particularly keen on board games as a way to draw families closer, for playing together provides some of our fondest memories.  The dynamics of board games also make them fascinating windows for viewing the people who make up our family.  Amid the laughter and good cheer, the oldsters can gain valuable insights to their youngsters' personalities, children gain a glimmer of their parents' limitations, and everyone creates memories of home: a mansion of happiness . . . 

The main point is to BE TOGETHER ~ 
As a family!  
I'd much rather do this than GO anywhere.