March 20 - Grow Sprouts!

Sprouting Lentils

You will need a jar, some fabric (tulle, cheesecloth, hemp, linen), a rubber band and some lentils (preferably organic).

Day 1:
- Spoon 2 tablespoons of dry lentils into the jar
- Pour fresh cool water into the jar until there is 3 xs more water than lentils
- Let the lentils soak overnight (8-10 hours)
Day 2:
- Pour out lentils into a colander and rinse GENTLY but thoroughly with fresh water
- Rinse out jar
- Replace lentils into jar and fill with fresh water
- Cover the jar opening with fabric and a rubber band           

- Gently stir the lentils in the fresh water
- Set the jar upside-down at a 45 degree angle in a dish rack 
- Drain slowly and repeat.
- Do this 1 more time before going to bed
- Place the jar where it can be undisturbed and away from direct sunlight (sprouts should never be put into cabinets or drawers - this will cause the sprouts to mold and mildew)
Days 3-6:
- Rinse and drain the sprouts every morning and evening
- In 5-6 days you will have ajar full of delicious, crispy sprouts.
- Rinse one last time and enjoy!
Do not rinse them for at least 5 hours before placing them in the refrigerator to allow them to dry a bit.