Fortune Teller

a.k.a. cootie catcher, smash box, chatter box, salt cellar, whirlybird . . .

Fortune Ideas:
  • You will get straight A’s on your report card
  • You will get straight F's on your report card
  • You will marry the person of your dreams
  • You will kiss a toad
  • Try again
  • You will have 20 kids and live in a shoe
  • You will find a golden goose
  • You will travel the world
  • You will be a rock star *
  • You will be a hobo
  • You will be the president
  • Your hair will turn purple while you sleep tonight.
  • A bug will fly in your mouth the next time you yawn.
  • You will bake me cupcakes soon
  • You will bake me cookies soon . . .
  • You will find a treasure in the cushions of your couch.
  • Sleep with your eyes open - or Gnomes will draw on your face!
  • You will find a shark in your toilet!
  • You will find something lost.
  • Watch your step!
  • I know what's in your bellybutton!